Culture In Action is an Erasmus+ project which will last for 2 years. Teams of students and teachers from 4 countries (Cyprus, France, Netherlands, Slovakia) will work together on discovering their cultural heritage around them. Thanks to our project and its final realisation of an escape game on the theme of cultural heritage at the end, we will promote culture, a window on the world and make pupils from different European horizons to work together and to make them realize that their cultural diversity is their strength because tomorrow they will become the adults of a multicultural Europe.


In our project we have 3 main objectives

  1. To gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of foreign cultures and strengthening international relationships in creating an escape game

  2. To confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone.

  3. To give our students the feeling they are European citizens

Aims :

  • To improve their communication skills in a foreign language

  • To learn to work in teams

  • To develop creativity

  • To enhance their ICT skills

  • To develop intercultural skills

  • To enhance their European citizenship


We want to work in international teams to force our students to work together and to become active. They will be visits to reinforce the team work. 
There will be 4 main periods in our project:
1 "By Understanding" ; Getting to know each other called with activities to discover the teams' members and their countries. they will create their logo.
2. "By Valueing" ; comparing their traditional food in the different country and see if they have some in common, similar, different.
3. "By Caring" ; concentrating on activities that go with eating: dancing and singing performed during traditional celebrations.
4. "By Enjoying" ; writing the setting of the escape game and playing to their escape game.

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